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Our Services

Product Development 

Technical and Commercial Feasibility

MBDL provides feasibility assessments specifically tailored to a given project, identifying the value that modular technology can bring to a project, while also giving budget cost estimates.

Adaptation of an existing modular system, or the development of a new system may be required to meet the client's needs - our report assesses both of these situations. 

In the past, clients have added this to support their due diligence process in the early stages of a project.

Concept Development

Our in-house design capability can provide 3D models, image rendering, virtual walk-throughs, and animation to explore how a modular method of construction informs the development of the project. We also provide 2D concept drawings.

Business Development 

Project Opportunities

MBDL brings several years of sales and business development experience to assist companies with lead generation and identifying project opportunities. 

We help to match companies to the modular enquires we receive, based on their strengths and expertise.

Tendering/Proposal Management

Our experience in Bid/Proposal management enable us to assist companies in the tendering process. Our strong understanding of the sector, and our in-house design capabilities enable us to provide high quality proposals, tailored to their clients. 

Often overlooked, an effective tendering process that understands the client's needs is vital for securing business.

Project Development 

Getting Offsite On Site

(Supply Chain Selection, and Implementation)

MBDL provides support with logistics planning and risk assessment, once a project is through the initial development phase. With our industry knowledge, we then help develop a supply chain strategy, building a project team that works with the client's needs.


Several years in the sector has enabled us to develop a database of companies with expertise in specific areas - we use this in choosing the best companies to suit your project. 

Ideal for:

  • Building developers/clients commissioning work, who would benefit from modular expertise in ensuring smoothness of implementation


  • Modular construction companies looking to improve their quality of service 

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