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Proposal Management: SRTIP Innovation Project

MBDL recently led a project proposal for a modular research centre for immersive technology in the UAE. We outline our approach below.


  • Opportunity Identification: We receive a high number of enquiries for modular structures and we will look to match these to companies in the sector for our clients. 

  • Supply Chain: We consider a supply chain strategy, identifying companies that are best suited to the project, based on their expertise.

  • Proposal Management: Having identified the opportunity our skills and experience are available to support bids and proposals.

  • Rendered Walk-Through and 3D Modelling: A rendered walk through of the building was created for an informative visual representation of the finished structure. 


  • Video Presentation Embedded Proposals: We created a narrative to support our proposal with the inclusion of a video presentation.

  • Collaborative Approach: Our ethos of collaboration enables us to bring together companies operating in different fields to provide competitive solutions

3D Concept Design

XR Research Center 20000 - 1.jpg

Video Clip - Embedded Proposals

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