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20 years of experience in offsite construction focused on SME's developing modular building capabilities.

Creating High Value Outcomes 

Established in 2018, in response to the rising growth in the modular construction industry, MBDL brings 20 years of experience in the offsite sector to provide independent technical and commercial support, for both new and existing companies in the sector.

With a specific focus on Small/Medium Enterprises (SMEs), we provide tailored business development support for our clients; from the concept development stages, all the way up to supply chain selection and implementation.

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Applying Modular Construction

The vision of higher productivity and sustainability in construction, has the UK offsite sector set for strong growth. 

We are already beginning to notice this with the increasing investment and government support in modular construction, spanning a wide range of industries; retail, healthcare, education and housing to name but a few.


With the constantly improving offsite manufacturing abilities, and the many benefits modular construction provides, this growth is likely to become even more prominent in the UK in the near future.

At MBDL, our goal is to help offsite companies reach their full potential in the industry through effective strategy and innovation.

Benefits of Modular:

  • Accelerated Programme 

  • Improved Whole-life Cost 

  • Social Value 

  • Predictability of Cost & Programme 

  • Quality of Build 

  • Defects & Rework Reduced 

  • Safety On-Site 

  • Environmental Improvements 

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